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Our multi-disciplinary team of kitchen and cabinetry designers, suppliers, installers and project managers are committed to help you materialize your design dreams. You will benefit from our exceptional customer service, attention to detail, and integral expertise.

Our process includes the following phases:

  1. Design Consultation & Planning
  2. Conceptual Design & Proposal Presentation
  3. Design Engagement & Final Design
  4. Order
  5. Delivery & Installation
  6. Project Evaluation & Follow-up

1. Design Consultation & Planning

The journey to designing your personalized kitchen or living space begins with a meeting with our designers at our showroom where we introduce you to the wide array of styles and functionality options available while we learn about your overall project goals.

For our design team to provide you the best possible experience, our showroom is open ‘By Appointment Only’ due to the investment in time our designers require to focus solely on your needs and to provide complete privacy and comfort when interchanging personal information about your project. The entire showroom is reserved just for you during your entire meeting so that you may take full advantage of all our resources.

The purpose of these initial meetings is to understand your likes/dislikes, functionality requirements, aesthetic preferences, approximate budget and project timeframe. This information will allow us to begin to work through a preliminary design that is completely tailored to you.

At O.NIX, we recognize that you have unique design objectives and are committed to partnering with you to work towards your goals.

2. Conceptual Design & Proposal Presentation

After our initial meeting, we will invite you back to our showroom to present our preliminary design proposal. In this proposal, we will guide you through the details of the design and reveal a conceptual design from our realistic 3D software. We will also provide you a high-level cost estimate of the kitchen or living space cabinetry based on the information that we have interchanged.

Although the work done up to this point is a complimentary service we provide, nor is it binding for either parties, we are confident that we will have satisfied your expectations and you will be eager to proceed with the next step of the process. At this point, we will formally engage you in a personalized service that involves a professional fee which will be applied to the cost of your kitchen.

3. Design Engagement & Final Design

During this entire detailed design period, our aim is to collaborate with you even further and explore all available options (layouts, finishes, colours, accessories, etc.) until you are 100% satisfied with the design of the kitchen or living space. On top of having a few meetings with you to evolve the design during this period, we will also visit your home or project site to take detailed measurements and inspect your kitchen and living spaces.

Throughout this phase, we work closely with the highly experienced design teams of our German and Italian kitchen manufacturers to work out every detail of your design in preparation for production.

Once the final design is completed, reviewed, and with your signed approval, your custom design is ready to be released for manufacturing.

4. Kitchen Ordering

With your order to proceed, O.NIX will release the final kitchen design to the chosen European manufacturer. We will handle all aspects of the ordering and immediately begin to track progress until the order is completed. We will maintain close communication with the supplier during the manufacturing and quality assurance process.

During this period, we provide you full sets of utility drawings (electrical, plumbing, etc.) for your team of contractors to accurately prepare the space required for your kitchen or living area prior to installation. Most importantly, we work with them to ensure that all coordinated work activities will be done seamlessly.

5. Kitchen Delivery & Installation

Just before the manufacturing of your kitchen is completed, we will start to coordinate with our shipping partners its transportation, import and delivery to your home. During the period leading up to the arrival of your kitchen we will be coordinating the installation phase with you and your contracting team.

Once we begin installation, our installers pay special attention to the care of your cabinetry as well as your home. We take the time to protect floor surfaces and to provide a safe and clean working environment. After your kitchen is installed, our team will inspect and review the kitchen with you. With having your full satisfaction, the project is considered complete and the final milestone is achieved. You have earned this moment to take pleasure in your new kitchen.

6. Project Evaluation & Follow-up

Our goal of providing exceptional service and providing our clients with complete satisfaction extends beyond just installing your kitchen. We value your feedback and want to hear where we have excelled and where we need to improve. Moving forward, we want to ensure you are still enjoying your kitchen investment in the months and years after your purchase. In addition to the kitchen warranty provided by the supplier, O.NIX is available to answer any questions or deal with concerns that arise after the project is complete.